5-MEO-DALT 25g

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The 5-MEO-DALT For Sale at is expected for research and measurable applications. The 5-MEO-DALT For Sale is a tryptamine-type creator drug with articulated physiological and psychoactive effects and has the atomic equation C17H22N2O • HCl. The equation weight has worth 270.4g/mol.

5 meo dalt

The toxicological and physiological properties of the 5-MEO-DALT For Sale are not known. 5-meo-dalt

Additional Information on the 5-MEO-DALT For Sale

SYNONYMS N,N-diallyl-5-methoxytryptamine
IUPAC N-allyl-N-[2-(5-methoxy -1H-indol-3-yl)ethyl] prop-2-en-1-amine
MOLECULAR WEIGHT 270.375 g/mol
CAS 928822-98-4
APPEARANCE white powder
PURITY ≥ 99%


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