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Furanylfentanyl Sale Online

IUPAC: N-(1-(2-phenylethyl)-4-piperidinyl)-N-phenylfuran-2-carboxamide

CAS: 101345-66-8

Molecular Weight: 374.484

Molecular Formula: C24H26N2O2

Furanylfentanyl (Fu-F) is an opioid analgesic that is an analog of fentanyl and is offered from our company as a research chemical for use in the lab. It has an ED50 value of 0.02mg/kg in mice.



Furanylfentanyl Sale Online

Furanylfentanyl sale at the best price. We advice you get some very good information about the product. What is furanylfentanyl? It is an opioid analgesic which is an analog of fentanyl. It is selling in the markets now as a designer drug. The ED value of this chemical is 0.02mg/kg in mice. It is by far potent than fentanyl.

Brief Description About Furanylfentanyl

Fentanyl is a fast-acting but short-acting synthetic opioid that has been widely utilized in clinical practice as an adjuvant to general anesthesia during surgery and for postoperative pain management.

Dosage and administration route

Furanylfentanyl can be given orally as a powder (including capsules), tablets, or a solution (via nasal sprays) or by insufflation of a powder; it can also be given intranasally or sublingually via a spray; inhaled by smoking or vaporizing, and given transdermally by injection (intravenous and intramuscular). Furanylfentanyl has also been sold in propylene glycol/glycerol solutions (e.g., 30 mg/mL), presumably for vaporization as an e-liquid in electronic cigarettes (‘vaping’).

Health risks of Furanylfentanyl

Furanylfentanyl is available in powder forms, which generally includes milligram quantities of dissolved material. Preparing solutions containing milligram quantities of material is intrinsically prone to weighing and dilution errors, which might result in solutions with greater or lower concentrations.

Furanylfentanyl may be used in confluence with other medications deliberately or undeliberately.

It augments anxiety. You grow violent to others while becoming depressed to yourself.

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Some Negative Effects Of Furanylfentanyl ( fu-f )

  • You hallucinate.
  • You can be cam restless.
  • There is increase in anxiety no panic.
  • Thoughts of self harm like suicide or poisoning.
  • You become so aggressive to others and depress to yourself.

With the above, We strongly advice that the dose of this chemical product you consume should be average. How ever if you are already an addict and want to withdraw then be slow about it. Sudden withdrawal from fentanyl can lead to death. Today some people still use alcohol as a sedative. But with its abuse consumption is facing some restrictions by law. Age being the most valuable factor. Also you don’t drink and drive.

Since sedatives help in relaxing the central nervous system, we call them downers. Other names are tranquilizers and depressants. A few of the drugs that fall under this category include.

  • Benzodiazepines.
  • barbiturates.
  • opioid narcotic medications.

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More About FuranylFentanyl Powder

Furanylfentanyl powder in USA is found to be available in three distinct forms. Furanyl fentanyl can be present in very fine white to off white powder. Because of its fine form, they can be readily smoked or you inject it. Powder furanyl fentanyl can be purchased from our website and ship from within USA. Furanyl fentanyl are also sold as powders dissolve in solution. This form of furanyl fentanyl can be place in nasal spray with intentions to be taken nasally by users. The last form of furanyl fentanyl is in a mixture with heroin. Because of the fentanyl in the heroin, the mixture becomes more addicting. Users consume this through injection and smoking. We also have crystal research chemicals like a – pvp , Meth and Methylone crystals.

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